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If you're in Metro Detroit, Dr. Rifai offers the most evidence-based lifestyle change intervention program in the state of Michigan at Henry Ford West Bloomfield hospital. It seeks to develop a long term, health coaching relationship with patients and starts with the medical gold standard: a six month, time intensive lifestyle intervention experience. The experience blends multiple one on one clinical (MD, RD and, where necessary behavioral health) meetings with the patient (and family members) with weekly educational support group/class experiences. In addition, a 3 hour grocery shopping tour is included as well as once monthly "mind matters" support groups for stress, emotional and other maladaptive eating patterns. Notably, Dr Rifai is himself a recovering binge eater and understands all too well the importance of psychological and emotional support in the journey of lifestyle change. Finally an 6-8 week supervised exercise experience with certified fitness specialists is offered at one of several facilities in cooperation with Dr Rifai's program at Henry Ford West Bloomfield.Ideal candidates for the Dr Rifai and his team's services at Henry Ford West Bloomfield are those that are motivated to change their lifestyle for the prevention or treatment of type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes, elevated blood pressure, cholesterol problems as well as intensive but practical and healthy weight loss. Flavorful, effective meal replacement shakes are available for those patients desiring the most rapid medically monitored metabolic and weight control. And for those patients seeking bariatric surgery in addition to lifestyle modification, the program is also an ideal preparation for, as well as monitoring program after, bariatric surgery. Call 248-325-1355 to speak with one of Dr Rifai's staff members at Henry Ford West Bloomfield. .

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