How and why the RMS system was created is, honestly, a pretty darn cool story! In the beginning stages of going through the phone process of writing a book, I was speaking with a colleague at the Wayne State University School of Medicine. She suggested that I try to whittle down my philosophy and recommendations for successful lifestyle change into 4 "pillars". Make no mistake, it was a very good suggestion – but tried as I did -I could not try to compress it down to 4 pillars. The reason why comes down to Einstein's comment (paraphrasing) that everything should be explained as simply as possible, but not one bit simpler.
Nevertheless, I did whittle it down to 5 key areas of successful therapeutic lifestyle change (nutrition, physical activity, "mind matters", environments and accountability).
Not only throughout my social media presence, but also in the highly recognized metabolic health program at the renown Henry Ford Health System, which I lead and brought the concept of the 5 key areas of achieving healthy and therapeutic lifestyle change, The mass majority – well over 90% – find the concept of organizing The process of achieving healthy lifestyle into 5 areas to be significantly impactful!
There is simply no way to make healthy lifestyle change ultra simplest it – but the RMS five key areas concept helps people break it down into manageable components that can be built either quickly, or slowly, at your own at pace and level of "energy" (and precious time!) that you have available.
I've worked in some of the most well-established multidisciplinary care therapeutic lifestyle change programs imaginable ranging from massive hospital, outpatient/ambulatory based to world recognized residential medical resort. They all have a very strong components. I am honored to have worked with them all! But none of them truly organized the TLC (therapeutic lifestyle change) concepts necessary in a way that allows you to take an otherwise potentially overwhelming TLC process and break it down into manageable sections and subsections. Now you have RMS! Lifestyle Science for YOU!